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Made for Law firms, Lawyers, Doctors & Managers from around the globe that have realized Marketing in their field needs a specialist’s expertise,

If you’re serious about  marketing your firm or yourself effectively, then, so are we!

Why Choose Us?

As the elite of the society such as a Lawyer, Doctor, Manager, CEO or as a Mayoral candidate in an upcoming election, you should be like a star and accept the fact that all stars have helpers. That’s where we jump in and provide you with BestFirms marketing strategies.

You have probably realized already that marketing your firm or yourself effectively requires a specialist’s expertise. Choosing BestFirms means implementing an end-to-end marketing strategy founded by seasoned sales professionals, marketers and strategists. We understand your business and the tectonic shifting from real to virtual markets; we also understand the idiosyncrasies that need to be acknowledged to ensure your firm’s compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Moreover, because we only work in the virtual marketing industry for legal businesses and self-marketing purposes in Australia, UK, US, Switzerland, Germany and Austria we have an unprecedented knowledge of what’s working and what isn’t in the marketplace today. We also understand that the complexities involved in marketing your firm or yourself effectively is simply too overwhelming for the majority of firms. Increasingly, we are now working with firms and private people who have done away with trying to manage this complexity in-house or worse employing a consultant to coordinate with a myriad of service providers not to mention, ensure their capacity to meet key performance indicators.

If you’re serious about marketing your firm or yourself effectively, then, so are we!

We’re proud to offer a number of packages to suit your requirements, budget and objectives.

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Ideas do not grow on trees, we make them happen with you!

Law Firm Marketing

BestFirms marketing brings you an unfair advantage against your competitors.

BestFirms Offers

BestFirms marketing brings you an unfair advantage against your competitors.

Marketing for Doctors

Marketing for Doctors has changed during the last Years, its time to take the challenge

Get Your Word out in the WWW

BestFirms brings you right in the center of the attraction of your customers

Manager Marketing

BestFirms offers incredible elements that allow you to create a beautiful site for your online presence.

Build Something Beautiful

Dozens of well designed Websites loaded with options gives you freedom.

Investing & BPO

BestFirms is more than just a Marketing Company, we grow with you

Ideas & Services unlimited

BestFirms brings you more than just marketing, we bring strategies ideas and services

How We Do What We Do

We workshop with your firm to evaluate the best marketing opportunities, depending on the industry size or goal, we research you and your competitors platforms, social media etc. to picture out the actual market position. We co-define or adjust the marketing strategy that leads to your branding to ensure efficiency in your end-to-end marketing campaign with your firm.

Content is King – Design is Queen, just like in a game of chess, there must be a pawn that delivers the art of work to your prospects, clients etc. This is our work – we leverage the best position of your firm in the virtual market by defining or redefining the touch points of your web presence and your words with the needs of the customer to ensure the best ROI and conversion.

We design or redesign your web presence to the latest standards. Our ongoing commitment to your firm and web presence will ensure an agile and responsive design for mobile internet and their users. This way, you will never become outdated with any of the marketing touch points and develop a stable BRAND in the digital market. We execute your firm’s marketing strategy across the web, mobile, social, email, print and billboards to ensure consistency & growth to your firm.

We think outside the box to ensure all developing processes …lead to growth.
If your goal is to create a self-marketing strategy no matter if you are a Manager, CEO, or for an upcoming Mayoral election, then BestFirms is for you.

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Marketing is like driving the “Bus”

Let’s assume just for better understanding: Your Firm and Marketing is like a business with buses. The bus is the business (your firm), the bus station is your Web-presence where you pick up your passengers (clients) and the bus driver would be your Marketer. The bus driver is responsible to create more bus station as pick up points and that the bus is in a re-presentable condition.Marketing is like driving a Bus

Just by this point of view you can realize the nicest bus and the best prices in the market does not mean you have passengers, – work needs to be done constantly – you need a good driver with an open eye, someone that is willing to keep your investment in a clean maintained condition. A Marketer is like a Bus-driver he must be willing to go the extra mile, he must know where and how to get the best out of your investment, most of all he must be willing to do the manual work. Manual work is and needs to be done, some will tell you “Content is King which is true, but they not deliver your content to your clients, that is like having a bus and not going to the bus-stations. No matter from what point of view you look at it marketing under any circumstances is manual work of course not without strategy.

Strategies from BestFirms fulfill such driver jobs, we do more than only a little SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or a nice design, we analyze, “structurize” and execute to grow You Firm.- No details or touch points will be left behind.

BestFirms builds the Firms of the future, agile and responsive Web-presences.

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BestFirms gives you limitless potential, we build amazing pages. Easily choose unique page layouts using the tools we provide. In addition, we have you covered with samples layouts  you can quickly choose from

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